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Although we're as happy as two boobs in a broken-in bra to shoot in our new studio, there are times when it's good to take a model out on location. One of the first digital shoots we did when Dawn Stone arrived (February 01, '01) was what we call 'Dawn Fire Stone.' Here's the blow-by-blow from our studio manager at the shoot. "It was not just another day at the garage for Ron and the boys at High-Tech Motors as the ultrabusty Dawn Stone and the location crew from SCORE rolled in and took over the workshop. The place is located in an extremely dicey neighborhood just north of downtown Miami and, despite its name, has a old fashioned look about it. That's what SCORE's Art Director, J.P., and I had liked about it best when we first visited Ron a couple of days beforehand." "Would you mind if a blindingly beautiful, big-busted blonde visited, and got naked in your workshop?" I asked, not expecting an objection. Ron, of course, had none. I had my concerns about a model being uncomfortable at such a grimy location, but SCORE photographer, Peter Wall, assured me that Dawn was a real trooper and would be fine. Peter was right. Dawn was a true professional as she assumed the mechanic's role for a sizzling set on the workbench. She displayed a gymnast's flexibility as she shed her mechanic's uniform and revealed her amazingly stacked body." .
Featuring: Dawn Stone
Duration: 30

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