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July 2003 Voluptuous:

V-mag: At what age did your breasts begin to get big? Davina: I was 10-year-old. V-mag: Were you busty as a teenager in school? How big were you in your late teens? Davina: Yes, I was very busty as a teenager. I was a 32 E-cup in my late teens. V-mag: How did your male classmates and teachers act towards you? Davina: The boys loved them and the girls were jealous. V-mag: Now, you're obviously a woman who's proud of her body. Davina: Yes, very proud. I love it when I'm walking down the street and men just can't keep their eyes off me. And some women too! V-mag: If you were wearing a tank-top outside, would you be wearing a bra? Davina: Um, maybe but I do like to keep something to the imagination. V-mag: Let's say we saw you out in public. What would you be wearing? Davina: A pair of tight jeans or trousers and a very tight low cut top for maximum cleavage.
Featuring: Davina Armstrong
Duration: 30
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