Big Boob Photos » December 2002 Voluptuous

December 2002 Voluptuous

A second engagement for Davina, who expands her horizons from "Fresh Boober of the Month" last winter to now steadfast V-Girl. When Davina wants fun, you'll find the Surrey native doing the Ministry of Sound club scene and dancing the insomniac hours away. Miss Armstrong will be easy to spot. Just look for the girl in Hipster jeans, high heels and a super-tight top ready to burst. On second thought, we just described 176,531 English girls. "I enjoyed seeing myself in April's Voluptuous and I'm looking forward to this issue too," Davina told us a few weeks ago. Here's a girl after our own hearts. She reads the Sun newspaper, says Jerry Springer is her favorite TV show, reads Jackie Collins pulp novels and says her favorite movie is Snatch, a Brit crime comedy with Benicio del Toro and Brad Pitt. We'd bet heavy paper that Davina's a lot of fun in the sack. How old were you when you began to develop big bristols? "I was 12.
Featuring: Davina Armstrong
Duration: 30
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