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Breastfully Clean

Daria's wearing a skintight, sexy dress, the kind girls wear to parties. She begins to peel it off slowly. Then Daria puts on rubber gloves that have a candy corn color and begins to soap down the couch and her luscious curves with a sponge. By the time Daria's done, her big boobs and sweet body is covered with suds. Daria likes to cream her big tits every night. "I like to keep my skin moisturized. It is important for girls to do this. I ride my bike and I play some sports. Being outdoors in the sun in the day, I have to use a lot of cream at night." We've seen Daria lotion up her heavy hooters in a bonus scene. That was an eye-opener.
Featuring: Daria
Date: May 4th, 2017
Duration: 77
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