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Getting Wet

It's almost a tradition that girls with the biggest tits in school become SCORE and Voluptuous Girls. Young college grad Daria is another sexy girl upholding this custom. "Yes, I think it's true that I had the biggest breasts in school and I think at the university, it was the same situation." "When I go out, I like to dress comfortably. I prefer to wear jeans and trainers. Sometimes I wear heels but not very often because it's uncomfortable. I like to wear T-shirts and skirts." Cutting to the chase in these pictures, Daria quickly sheds her bikini to get soapy and wet. Daria had never shown her great, big, natural boobs before except for one time and that was for a party game with friends. Now you're seeing the real deal for the first time thanks to your friends at SCORELAND. .
Featuring: Daria
Date: December 1st, 2016
Duration: 50

Member Comments

1 year ago 
Beautiful girl is sad that only the first image is the only one showing her in full without bending her body, On the first image she is standing almost straight and her body is not bending so we can see her whole body proportions, then the last one is beautiful, notice no hands on boobs, see how beautiful is that image, we need to ask the cameraman to do that more than 2 images, and please do not crop her body like the last image we really need at least 3 images showing her full body from head to toe and her body no bending, arms down, no hands covering boobs, just the breast hanging free like in the last image PLEASE DEAR SCORE we really need camera crew to take at least 3 pics done that way is not too much to ask. From almost 60 pics just 3 images showing her FULL FRONT, SIDE, and BACK is just more than fair, in every set we can find any possible camera angle shot tons of them, but FULL BODY SHOTS are very, very rare almost extinct...
1 year ago 
What a body on this woman! Daria is truly a stunning beauty! She looks incredible in a bikini.
1 year ago 
Just love those curves in a bikini!! Def giving alexya a run for her money in model of the year!!
1 year ago 
What a stunning girl! Where was she when I was in college? Oh yeah, she wasn't born yet.
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