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Voluptuous January 2004

Daphne graduated Amherst College this past spring. She decided to move to California, and did so, leaving a trail of despondent, brokenhearted dudes back in Massachusetts with their dicks in their hands. Daphne now lives in Los Angeles, says she likes it and is working on a graduate degree in psychology at UCLA. She's also modeling as much as she can out there, but we prefer to bring her into the SCORE studio in Miami. "I've never weighed my boobs but I used to have severe back problems," said Daphne during another visit last month. Then I learned some exercises from my chiropractor and it solved the problem." Daphne also found some time to contribute some volunteer work for Ariana Huffington during the California recall election, which is very commendable for a brand new resident. She likes Mary Carey as a model but thought Mary's race for governor was too frivolous for the serious problems that the state faces. Now we'll shut the fuck up and let you check out Daphne's latest pictorial. .
Featuring: Daphne Rosen
Duration: 40
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