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Coffee, Tea Or Me?

Featuring: Danielle Derek and Jimmy Dix
Date: January 4th, 2017
Photos: 100
Danielle Derek is making up for lost time away from SCORE with this rockin' anal scene. With girls or with guys, Danielle is one ultra-hot babe. Her tiny, slim body topped by supersized tits has made distracted guys walk into parking meters back home in Brooklyn, New York. When Danielle wakes up, she's horny. Jimmy is in the dining room reading the newspaper. Danielle squeezes into a skimpy shorts and a halter top that jacks up her big, thrusting tits. That'll get Jimmy charged for action. Or maybe not because he keeps his head buried in his paper, oblivious to her fantasy-slut look and her come-on. This doesn't sit well with Danielle, who has to ask him several times if he wants to fuck her in the ass. He still doesn't get the message so Danielle leaves the kitchen where she's been making him an iced coffee and bounces over to him, demanding the hard cock.

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