Big Boob Photos » Voluptuous October 2004

Voluptuous October 2004

"My most embarrassing moment to do with my breasts? This was when I was 20 years-old and I was spending a holiday at a very elegant spa in Dresden. I attached a springy cord with my room key to my very skimpy bikini top. I went for a swim in the spa's beautiful pool and then I was going to go for a bike ride by the bank of the Elbe River. As I climbed the metal ladder of the pool to get out, the cord caught somewhere on the ladder and when I pulled myself up, my top ripped completely off. The noise was so loud that everyone turned, maybe ten people! Some of the men laughed and made comments. I instinctively crossed my arms to cover my breasts and I ran over to my chair to drape a towel over me. Fortunately I didn't get hurt when my top was pulled off. From then on, I never attached anything to my bikinis!" .
Featuring: Daniella
Duration: 40
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