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Pitching Hay

Welcome to Codi Vore's 30K Ranch. Codi likes to pitch hay and take pleasure breaks. The ranch workers are always eager to lend her a stable hand. They'd all like to horse around with the beautiful, buxom blonde. "I'm very submissive," Codi said. "In camming, sometimes I like to play dominant roles because I reenact what I want from a dom, and I feel like I have a good grasp of that mindset. You know, what subs want. But in the bedroom, I usually let the man have all the control. That's how I like to do it." Where does Codi stand with having sex on a first date? "As a kid, I was told that men only want one thing. But almost every guy I've had sex with fell in love with me afterward.
Featuring: Codi Vore
Date: October 5th, 2017
Duration: 50

Member Comments

7 months ago 
Codi Vore is gorgeous, beautiful woman with big tits and a nice ass. I love her dimples and smile. The Photo shoot was great because I loved the farm setting and her outfit. I would not of been able to get any work done that had if I had to work with Codi Vore in that outfit because I would be looking at her my dick rock hard wanting to fuck her. Please bring her back as maybe as a hot student wearing a sexy school girl uniform.
7 months ago 
Baby face with great cans and a fur burger to boot as well!
7 months ago 
She has to be one of the most perfect sex goddesses
absolutely gorgeous voluptuous stunningly cute and open to everything
Amazing woman
7 months ago 
awesome shoot of an absolute doll....I love the outfit for fine and it goes so well with her coy innocent looks....the innocent farm girl look....I dig the full lay back huge boobs fall to the side of shot 45; I love those because they can show perspective of size...delicious....then the ole chestnut I love where the shoot ends and she gives a big spread of that sweet pink that, it never gets old....
7 months ago 
7 months ago 
What a beautiful woman! A natural beauty for sure!!
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