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It's good to be Codi Vore, sexy and beautiful blonde-at-large. A girl of many talents, among them excellent nipple self-sucking, Codi is a master of the webcam and video games. "I love singing, mathematics and public speaking," said Codi. "I can also lick my elbow." SCORELAND: What was your first experience like on cam with a bunch of guys watching? Codi: The first time I got on-cam, I cammed with my roommate, Tegan Trex, and we did a girl-girl show together. It was live, and it was our first time kissing. We're friends, so it was a little weird at first, but I've kissed her a lot now, so it's not weird anymore. It was cool, and since then, I really enjoy dealing with fetishes and finding out about different fetishes and where they come from. SCORELAND: What is it about kink and fetish? Codi: That's the kind of thing I'm really interested in, finding out what pushes people's buttons and what turns them on and seeing if there's something there for me. Of course, it doesn't hurt to have big boobs when you want to get someone's attention, especially guys and especially for fetish work and camming. SCORELAND: Do you remember the funniest, attempted pick-up line a guy ever said to you? Codi: On a scale of 1 to America, how free are you?
Featuring: Codi Vore
Date: March 4th, 2017
Duration: 90

Member Comments

1 month ago 
The thought of waking up next to Codi and watching her getting dressed is a great fantasy. I especially love the blow dryer pics with the glasses. wow.
1 year ago 
Codi is gorgeous, she is for sure the sweet "girl next door". If Milly Marks has any competition for newcomer of the year it's Ms. Vore.
1 year ago 
1 year ago 
She is an absolutely 5 star beayty!
1 year ago 
She wearing glasses is soo sexy and an xtra push 4 me..
1 year ago 
Ohhh GOOD LORD! I hope she never stops posing.
Especially for you guys at ScoreGroup - you just make her go from wow to WOW. As the saying goes:
"As long as I have a face, Codi has a place to sit."
1 year ago 
It looks like she had fun doing this photo shoot. I love it when the girl enjoys her work.
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