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School Girl

Remember Claudia from July '02 SCORE? The girl that reminded some members of actress Jennifer Love Hewitt? Well, here she is again. And we got to ask her a couple of questions before the studio staffers whisked her away for this shoot. Boy, did we get a shock. We asked Claudia if she had any fetishes. She actually said, "I have a neck-kissing fetish." You know, that repulsive act that we take great pains to try not to shoot, although sometimes our studio lobs one in anyway during a guy-girl. There's even a sign on one of the editor's walls, "Neck kissing prohibited by law." So that's Claudia's big turn-on, which is good to know just for the record. We know the neck is a major erogenous zone for most women but we don't have to see this kind of degradation. Her main fantasy is to have sex on the beach with people watching. But no cameras. We had to ask, right? It never hurts to find out.
Featuring: Claudia
Duration: 30
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