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Double Play

Date: August 1st, 2013
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"Two cocks for Claudia," says busty and exotic brunette Claudia KeAloha, tingling with excitement over what her immediate future will be all about. She eyes her two one-day stands with the intense hunger of a female wolf in heat. "It's my biggest fantasy!" Claudia did a threesome with Summer Sinn and Jean Valjean in the SCORE movie Ultimate Summer Sinn but now she gets two cocks all to herself at once and doesn't need to share. So Claudia's fantasy is now reality. Claudia always has nice, dirty things to say about the guys whose skin-flutes she's about to play. She has a very erotic, sexual imagination and the words always pour out of her mouth easily. Now with two guys to suck and ride, Claudia's not going to be able to say much once they get started because her lips and tongue will be busy kissing and licking their pipes. Johnny and Rocky spread Claudia out on the bed and pull down her top. She tells them that her boobs are big enough for both of them and that's certainly true. They take turns sucking her stiff, pointy nipples and fingering her pink hole, making it wetter by the second.

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