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Fucking Hotter Than Ever

Featuring Claudia KeAloha
Date May 6th, 2012
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Claudia KeAloha's got the horny morning blues and she needs some hard sexin' awfully bad. She is ready to ride the bucking buckaroo to the Big O ranch! Make that the fucking fuckaroo. Five years back, Claudia had wild scenes in SCORE Xtra 12 and Big Tit P.O.V., and a dirty with Summer Sinn and Jean Valjean in Ultimate Summer Sinn. Since then, Claudia has lost none of her sex magic. In fact, she's nastier than before, if that were even possible. Currently exotic dancing, Claudia called us and asked if SCORE would like her back in bed. "No" is not in our vocabulary when it comes to big tits and hot women. Here, Claudia and her sleep-over are snoozing when Claudia wakes up. Horny, Claudia touches her tits, pulls her bra down and fingers her nipples. She needs to fuck and right now.

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