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It's the hair club for men time again and our foremost exponent of overgrown bush is the lovely Scot, Clare, lensed again in London's SCORE studio. She's really overgrown it this time. A survey of 500 British women, commissioned by the Remington Razor Company, found 36% had trimmed their hair into a specific design. 79% said they trimmed their pubic hair and 27% also get a Brazilian Wax, which leaves a "racing strip" of hair above the pussy. Other artistic follicle designs included "The Tiffany" (hair trimmed into the shape of a small box), "The Beckham" (a Mohican hedge down the middle) and "The Hollywood" (shaved totally bald). We think Clare's thatch could wreck any Remington electric shaver.
Featuring: Clare
Duration: 25
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