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Racking Up

One can never get enough of Cindy Cupps. One of the best built babes in the SCORE universe, Cindy does a load of chest play in this photo series. And she does it on a chest at the same time. "Some may admire Cindy Cupps' legs and ass but what I gasp at are her cups in the front," emails L.H. "They are round and full, non-sag double E-cups with big, lovely areolae in the middle. They remind me of delicious hot bread dinner roles." Many of us are still reeling at Cindy's jack-U-off photos in the Tits And Tugs section. The shock of seeing her with a hard dick in her lovely hands and between her bountiful breasts is seared in our memories like a branding iron.
Featuring: Cindy Cupps
Date: October 4th, 2008
Duration: 80
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