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Cindy Cupps - Set #1

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SCORE: Where do you find your bras? Cindy: I love Victoria's Secret bras, but they never really fit me right. Sometimes I just stuff them in because the bras are so nice! SCORE: How difficult is it to find bras that you like? Cindy: It's easier to hit the lottery! Unless I get specially made bras, i'ts very difficult to get pretty ones in my size. SCORE: Do you get custom-made bras? Cindy: I have a few, and they are very comfortable and pretty, but they are also very expensive! SCORE: Where do your bras wear out the most? Cindy: The straps. They dig into my shoulders and get worn out holding up all that weight! SCORE: What styles are good for you? Cindy: I need full bras since my nipples are so big. The cute little ones look silly on me. SCORE: What styles are bad for you? Cindy: Front hook bras and any without underwire. SCORE: How much do you pay for a bra? Cindy: It varies greatly! Pretty cheap for a sports bra, and expensive for a very nice custom bra. SCORE: Do you wear a front hooking bra? Cindy: Not since high school! They just don't fit. SCORE: Do you wear a bra everyday? Cindy: It's hot living in Florida. I try to get away with no bra as often as I can SCORE: Your neighbors must like that.

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