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Christy: Cock Cruisin' Cabbie

Featuring Christy Marks
Date August 28th, 2009
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Don't tell us you can think of a better cabdriver than Christy Marks. Who better than Christy to take you exactly where you want to go when that destination is hooter heaven. This fare finds out how far his meter can run when he gets to ride Christy's sweet pussy. Never in the history of hack-dom has there been a cabbie built like Christy. The taxi commission knows how long a line builds up at her cab stand and in the words of the cigar-chompin' taxi commissioner, "I wish I had 50 more drivers like Christy! She makes the rest of the drivers look like the bums they are!" It does get a bit cramped for some of the more intricate sexual positions that Christy can wrap her legs into so she often finishes fucking outside in a secluded area. This also keeps the cab free of cum stains. Christy would rather scoop it up in her cleavage and lick it off anyway. But her days as a cabbie may be ending. She's saving up to buy her own limo and start her own service. There'll be plenty of leg room in that chariot.

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