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Hardcore Special

"Pick-Up Artist Charlie here, back to Hardcore Special to post my second photo shoot with one of my favorite SCORE models, Christine Allure, now also building a name for herself on the Net as The Sexy Bartender (The I asked Christine if she would set the scene for this session. She definitely has a flair for erotic writing. And I'd like to mention that Christine gives great head. I had to fight myself not to shoot my load on her prematurely." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "It was a sultry day in the valley when I was going door to door trying to sell phones to pay my way through beauty school. I was just about to call it a day when I decided to knock on just one more door. It was hot as hell and my shirt was about to burst. I knew when he opened the door I was going to get what I needed. As I glanced down, I saw his package had already begun to swell. I couldn't resist so I brushed my hand on it.
Featuring: Christine Allure
Duration: 80
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