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February 2005 Voluptuous

Featuring: Christiane
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Christiane, a nurse in her everyday job in Dresden, Germany, wanted to do a bathroom pictorial and get into a bubble bath. We thought that was a fine idea. V-Mag: Do you like bras that hook in the back or in the front? Chris: In the back, because the hooks are breaking in the front from the weight. V-Mag: Do you always wear a bra? Chris: Always, because I need to have my breasts supported or my back and neck will hurt. V-Mag: What style of bras do you like best? Chris: I love the "romantic" bras. Lacey models such as I am wearing in the photos. V-Mag: Do you have a favorite sport or exercise? Chris: I like to swim. It is not stressful on the body. V-Mag: Do you have any favorite magazines? Chris: Brigitte. (Editor's note: Brigitte is a magazine published for the modern German woman, very successful since 1954.) V-Mag: Do you like modeling? Chris: Yes, only the nude modeling, not to open up the legs and show my vagina.

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