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The Ranch Gal & The Horny Neighbor

Date: August 4th, 2017
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Tony is minding his own business and watering the lawn when new neighbor Chrissy Monroe struts by on her way to her apartment. Now, Chrissy is a sexy blonde with a rack so, naturally, Tony eye-bangs her for a second but doesn't say anything to her. Chrissy is a courtesan from the Love Ranch North in Nevada and there's nothing anyone can teach her about sex and pleasing guys. Watching from inside is Mr. Monroe and he's boiling mad over Tony checking out his wife's crazy-generous body. Confronting our hero, he yells at apologetic Tony, and just as it's about to get really ugly, a phone call has him running off but promising to return. Meanwhile, Chrissy is getting turned on by the exchange and when her husband leaves in a huff, she invites Tony in, an act similar to handing him a stick of burning dynamite. The lure of a new and sexy girl to fuck overrides Tony's instinct for survival and he follows her into the bedroom. Chrissy pulls out her big tits for Tony's pleasure. He sucks and rubs her twin peaks, forgetting that he's risking his neck for some hot pussy.

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August 04, 2017
These are very hot pics and the Video is great!!
Hope to see a lot more of this lovely lady.

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