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January 2000 Score

Not to be confused with the much more well known Chrissy (Lynn) Paris, who has been stripping and modeling since 1994. Physically, they look totally different.This Chrissy is based in Illinois but has tried feature dancing on the road. She's 5'10" (imagine her in 6" stripper's platforms, Holy Ladies Basketball League!) and weighs 132 lbs. Her current measurements are 42-25-36 with a bra size of 36E. She was born March 9th, 1971 and lives in the Peoria, Illinois area. She says her first real job was working at a Dairy Queen (that's an ice cream shop chain for you SCORE guys who don't live in the States). It does indeed seem her destiny that she went from Dairy Queen to dairy queen of the stage. Chrissy Lynn Peaks' tits are rounded, with little hang to them, very high riding and--hey! why am I writing this? You can see her knockers very well for yourself if you're a SCORELAND member. Facially, she has a touch of current day Tiffany Towers about her, particularly around the eyes and mouth. Oddly enough, although she doesn't have a strong presence in bustdom, Chrissy is yet another target of the name grabber who has registered for himself.
Featuring: Chrissy Lynn Peaks
Duration: 20
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