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Pink Sweater

Okay, okay, we know we printed the line, "Curtain Call For The Wunderbabe," on the Chloe cover of June '99's SCORE. There's no need to remind us. Believe us, we're more than happy that Chloe's still in the game more than a year later. There is no such concept as too much Chloe. We would have loved for Chloe to sail with us on Boob Cruise 2000. Unfortunately, it didn't happen. We admit that everytime Chloe talks about retiring, we reach for that giant bottle of antacid we keep around here. This gorgeous set of Chloe was picked as a personal favorite by editor Mike. "This one shows Chloe at her most sexually confident," Mike feels, having studied all of her layouts on her website, Chloe's World, which has got just about every pictorial she ever shot, a mecca for the Vevrier worshippers around the globe. Things have changed dramatically since Chloe took her first timorous steps in a soft-sex pictorial for the premiere issue of Leg Sex, her first modeling assignment with a guy, after years of having sex only with other beautiful SCORE babes.
Featuring: Chloe Vevrier
Duration: 20

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3 years ago 
Chloe, you are still my queen and you always will be!
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