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Chloe And Autumn

And when Chloe Vevrier met Autumn, the Earth shook. This set featuring these two wunderbusenbabes was shot during the making of Bosom Babes 2, which also features a segment starring Deanna Baldwin making it with Brittany Love, plus Michelle and Nicola Moore, and vintage footage of legendary stars Nilli Willis and Dee. Check it out in our SCORELAND store. It's a good thing that Club Scoregasm is as big a web site as it is, since listing all the credits that Chloe and Autumn have earned since they started posing for us would consume an awful lot of gigabytes of memory. This enactment is perfect casting. We've got the worldly and earthy Chloe, who craves women, portraying a schoolteacher, and innocent, virginal-looking Autumn as the inexperienced student who needs a good lesson in tongue twirling. Only at Voluptuous could a German supermodel like Chloe have the chance to lock lips with Autumn, a mighty fine lapdancer from Huntsville, Alabama. Truly, we do our best to unite the nations of this unstable world, with our only goal being global peace and harmony. After seeing Bosom Buddies 2, a United Nations delegate even phoned us to say,"Look, look! Look how deep Chloe insert der nipple in der pussy of Autumn!!" (We already knew, but we didn't want to embarrass him.) And as Autumn put it, "Chloe is so confident in her sexuality. She knows so much about women." You got that, Autumn baby.
Featuring: Autumn-Jade and Chloe Vevrier
Duration: 20
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