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Memories of Loads Lost

SCORE magazine editor Dave remembers the early Chessie Moore: "In all honesty, around here at The SCORE Group, I'm more of a magazine guy than a Web guy. I'm talking about my responsibilities, my job. Which means there are days when I'm as surprised and excited by a new SCORELAND posting as you are. Anyway, all of this is a roundabout way of saying that when I saw that a pictorial of Chessie Moore was scheduled to go up today, my reaction was, "Holy shit!" Then I went to check out the photos, and there she was, vintage Chessie in a set shot by JLG Studios in 1992: the platinum blonde hair, the early '90s wild hairstyle, the pumped-up tits, the slut face, the meaty, pliable pussy lips that she always loved to pull apart, the pretzel pose. Chessie was always more porn star than SCORE Girl (besides, at her best, she pre-dated SCORE), but she was always one of my favorites, one of my go-to girls. The kind of girl who loved sex. It showed all over her face when she was fucking. This girl didn't do it for the money. She did it (and is still doing it) because she's a wild, sex-crazed nympho. She did it all, and she did some things that about 99.99999% of the population would never do.
Featuring: Chessie Moore
Date: February 28th, 2011
Duration: 20

Member Comments

3 years ago 
I'm with robinsr, I've always been a fan, and had the pleasure of meeting her and seeing her show in '96. She was great! One of my biggest regrets is not getting some private time with her.
4 years ago 
Chessie is Queen of the sluts. There is nothing she wouldn't do. She has a kinky edge that no other model could match. Would enjoy more sets of her.
7 years ago 
more or should i say moore please......
7 years ago 
Ive always loved chessie, she amy love always and forever
7 years ago 
always loved Chessie,and L.A.Bust,Honey Moons,Kayla Kleevage and Crystal Storm. very sexy ladies,and Chessie did have that wild appeal,made you wonder if you would survive a session with her.
7 years ago 
Before my time but even I know of good ol' Chessie Moore.
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