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February 2003 Score

When it comes to danglers, Chaz is at the top of the hanger list. Her beauties trigger a Pavlovian mouthwatering response. She too, like several other SCORE and Voluptuous models we've talked to recently, is a victim of boob prejudice in her native country. "In school, the boys would run up to me and grab my boobs. They would pinch them or grab them and run away laughing." Rotten bastards. A good horsewhipping is what they deserved. We have learned that boob prejudice is a serious problem in American schools. Unfortunately, England, Chaz's land, is not immune to this illness either. We urge everyone to practice big-boob understanding, sympathy and courtesy. We also urge other publishers and writers not to call big-boobed adult models horny hooter harlots, busty whores and sluts just to make a few bucks.
Featuring: Chaz
Duration: 30
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