SCORELAND Big Boob Photo
SCORELAND Big Boob Photo

Chavon Taylor Reloaded
When Chavon first appeared, she was definitely on the voluptuous side. Check her out now showing off her sexy new bod in a hot swimsuit. Since her original photos and videos, Chavon has slimmed down to a slim-n-stacked physique but her sexual talents have not slimmed down a bit as you'll see in this Xtra pictorial. Chavon knows what guys like to see and her bulging-cheek blowjob technique is one of those wonderful sights. She likes guys to have "a banging style, bomb ass attitude and real confidence." Tell her what to do and she does it, like in Bounce Baby Bounce! when Tony tells her to "squeeze my testicle." Chavon is on it before he even completes his sentence! What a girl!
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