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Charlotte In Pink

Now 22 years-old, beautiful Charlotte is so much a part of SCORE and V-Mag that her trimmer, slimmer self, with all that luscious baby phat pared off, didn't knock her out of the box when it was time to do the chart for this issue. This pictorial is lucky #13 since Charlotte started posing in 1998. An impressive number, by anyone's standards. We're actually fortunate that in all the years that Charlotte has trekked to the London SCORE studio, some filthy bastard swine didn't make her his girlfriend and persuade her to stop modeling so he could have her gorgeous body all to himself. This is always a clear and present danger. If only there was some way to forestall this situation. A vicious guard dog dripping saliva from three inch fangs wouldn't work because it might bite the editors and photographers. Perhaps one day, some techno-brainiac will productively devote himself to this situation, instead of creating new email viruses to plague mankind. It's tough to say how much longer Charlotte will continue to spread for us all. It's a miracle that it's been this long, especially since some of us were starting to get nervous back in 2000.
Featuring: Charlotte
Duration: 30
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