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In Red

Go around number three for this solidly stacked lady, who made her frosh debut in the January '99 issue and then graduated in June '99. We enjoyed what she had to say about her measurements. "I got fitted for a dress recently and it was 40-something-40 and my bra is an F. But it's way too small. I don't know the numbers exactly but I can tell you I'm no Ally McBeal." Definitely not. You could fit three McBeals inside Charlotte. She is one of our more chatty models. "I'm not bashful. I'll go next door to borrow some sugar wearing just a towel. Everybody knows I'm kind of flaky anyway, so what do I care? I was a hell raiser when I was younger, which is why I got that broken heart tattoo, because I prided myself on being a heartbreaker.
Featuring: Charlotte Davis
Duration: 20
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