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Fear of Self-suffocation

Featuring Cassidi Jai
Date October 13th, 2010
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"I just can't sleep in a bra because they push my tits to my throat and face and I will probably smother myself while I sleep," Cassidi Jai tells us. Great boobs in the morning! Don't let that happen, Cassidi! "So, I remove my bra so I don't die in my sleep, cause they are too heavy. And in the morning I cocoa butter them because they are still growing and I'm trying to minimize the stretch marks I get. I will date a guy and he will come over to, like, watch movies and I will automatically take my bra off on the couch and he'll ask me why I'm doing that and it's because I'm afraid to fall asleep on the couch and die." She likes to dress to show off her girls because, hey, she's young, full of energy and now's the time. "If I am not wearing a shirt that shows cleavage, I �will wear something fitted and very thin, so you can tell how big my tits are and how little my waist is. Because if I don't wear something tight, then I look a lot bigger than I am. But when I wear a tiny outfit, guys can see that I have big tits and a tiny waist. And they can check out my thighs and my ass, too." But do other girls give her a hard way because of her treasures? "Girls hate on me because I walk right into the club without paying because the door guys love me. And sometimes a guy will be with a girl and pay for me, too, because he thinks I am hot. So there are a lot of jealous girls." Screw 'em, Cassidi.

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December 16, 2014
she is my phantasm,she is very sexy with short jean skirt,and i like your legs
Mam man
October 01, 2014
The picture of Cassidi bent over on the couch with the daisy dukes and pink heels showing off that beautiful ass sent me off to man heaven.
September 17, 2011
sexy in that short tight skirt girl
October 15, 2010
Alsome Pic set. and an Alsome chick too