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December 2003 Voluptuous With Cassandra

V-mag: So, on this video [On Location Costa Del Sol], what will viewers see? Kerry: They'll see me with Cassandra getting very excited. [laughing] V-mag: And they'll also see you by yourself, with vibrators for the first time, on the grass, outside this beautiful mansion. Kerry: And also by the pool with Cassandra. V-mag: What happens there? Kerry: That was when she was showing me how to use a dildo and things got a little more intimate. V-mag: Well, how do you use a dildo? Don't you just take it and push it in? Is there some secret we don't know? Kerry: She showed me special little ways so the guy can see what you've got there. She showed me how to position it right, how to hold it right, the right poses. All these things I've never done before. But it was very enjoyable, very hot. Guys, you're going to see me doing things I've never done before. Things I never thought I'd do.
Featuring: Cassandra and Kerry Marie
Duration: 30

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10 months ago 
On Location Costa Del Sol is one of my all-time favorite dvd's from Score. If you watch other titles, and see who else was there making videos, the amount of talent at that house was staggering.
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