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Cassandra And Russian Kathy

For some women, the to-do list for the day is pick-up dry cleaning, visit the shoemaker, have their car serviced, go to the bank, etc., etc. For Russian Kathy & Sloveniac sex maniac Cassandra, the to-do list at the SCORE studio in London included: 1) Stick one end of double-donger in Kathy's mouth, the other end in Cassandra's pussy while Cassandra fills her asshole with a dildo. 2) Join at the hip with each end of the donger in a pussy. Reverse directions and go butt-to-butt. 3) Kathy massages Casandra's pussy walls with a toy while she licks Cassandra's clitty. 4) Suck on each end of the dong. 5) Eat each other's pussy and asshole. 6) Cassandra finger-fucks the Russian's pussy and asshole, then spanks her ass red with her palms and boobs. (A new SCORE innovation: spanked by a pair of huge tits.) 7) While in doggy-position, Cassandra fucks herself in the pussy with the donger as Kathy plugs Cassandra's tailpipe with a vibrator while rubbing her right nipple over the shaft of the toy. (Designing suspension bridges is easier.) 8) Suck each other's tits until the nipples are hard enough to drill through concrete.
Featuring: Cassandra and Kathy
Duration: 60
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