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July 2003 Score

The feeling around SCORE is that Cassandra is one of the great, yet oddly underappreciated big-bust models. Why so is only a guess. Did she make so many XXX super-anal movies, at least 30 in little more than a year, that her solo pictorials are taken for granted? SCORE Xtra #7 and Boobalicious were on the hit list when first released. (Boobalicious is permanently sold-out of the eBoobStore since its producer, Zane Entertainment, closed up shop abruptly a few months ago.) Is there a porn threshold that once crossed diminishes a model's appeal? But if you subtract all the XXX and check Cassandra out closely, she really has one of the best bodies and boobs a SCORE babe can have. Casandra's a reclusive type who does her thing and does it with heat but doesn't like to give interviews or talk about her background or interests. Some kind of Eastern-European thing, we guess. (She's tight-lipped except when it comes to licking clits or schlongs, but she did say she liked this cover.) When it came time to cast On Location Costa Del Sol, Cassandra was the perfect choice to play the firm yet soft boss lady of the Big-Boobed Modeling School. Writes titty movie reviewer Just Me Mike for the eZine Research & Development, "This time, Cassandra and Ines disregard the text, and plunge headlong into a long and passionate girl/girl sequence. Despite the late afternoon lighting, this scene is just exemplary of the finest in shot making, sound, editing, and pace. You won't find a better girl/girl scene anywhere.".
Featuring: Cassandra
Duration: 70
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