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By The Pool

Veteran boob men fondly recall the late 80s and the first couple of years in 90s before the mega-implant craze took firm control of the big bust modeling world. Cassandra was one of those naturals who would get run over in that stampede. In 91, dawn of the huge, artificially breasted revolution, British lensman John Graham rented a large house in Palm Springs, California for a two week photo spree, with the goal of shooting a trunk full of pictorials and videos of some slim and stacked strippers. A naturally busted housedancer named Cassandra managed to introduce herself to Graham. Graham took a look at her hanging tits and set his team into action on Cassandra. And that was it. His never was able to find her again, which is not at all unusual in the modeling and dancing business. 9 years later, these images have frozen that moment in time. As for Cassandra, no one has a clue as to whatever happened to her or what she's doing today. Even so, we can enjoy these pics and her major hooters on their own merit.
Featuring: Cassandra C.
Duration: 16
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