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Casey Vs Sarenna Match-up

Featuring: Casey James and SaRenna Lee
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This is about as easy a task as figuring out how they built the pyramids. Casey and SaRenna are two of the ultimate SCORE models, with fantatical followers across the globe. Casey has four inches in height and 15 lbs. over the petite SaRenna (5'2", 112 lbs.) so it's a pretty good guess who has the longer reach. Both superstars have absolutely gigantic tits and killer faces and bods. A fella could have a pretty good time mashed between these two cleavage champions, assuming he would survive to tell the tale. As for who has the bigger boobs, this is a question that would short out a supercomputer. Therefore, we will leave it to our readers with degrees in boobolgy and boobological history to decide and their knowledgeable comments will be published in the December 1999 SCORE.

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