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June 2001 Score

Casey makes for a striking figure on one of the launches of The Legacy, our Boob Cruise 2000 ship. One of our readers wrote in after seeing this pictorial and felt that we should have done the opening shot with Casey as a figurehead on the bow of the Legacy itself. This might have worked if we roped or Crazy Glued Casey to the bow (a good 40 feet above sea level), and had a huge, floatable crane for the photographer to shoot from. We pointed out that SCORE treats their models in a safe, gentle manner, and after thinking over the logistics of his suggestion, wrote back, "Never thought of that." Anyway, we owe Casey a lot for the tremendous job she did as Mistress of Ceremonies that week, and just for being herself. Has it really been over a year since the Cruise? It seems like only yesterday that she was grabbing passengers during the night time shows, and squishing them with her tits. Most of the guys have recovered. The past year, Casey has wired up most of her house with cams. Guys who join her web site can watch her, probe her, study her, and inspect her-kinda like a goldfish in a bowl. In the upcoming September 2001 SCORE, Alyssa Alps takes her columnist pad in hand and hangs out with the cam-bound Miss James for a spell. She even sleeps with her.
Featuring: Casey James
Duration: 9
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