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Newcomer Casey Deluxe is German. She's been modeling for a couple of years, starting as a swimwear and glamour model, and her photos have been published in German magazines and tabloids. Casey only recently learned about SCORE magazine. Very slim and stacked, with a delicate appearance and a pretty face, Casey enjoys wearing skimpy clothes with low-cut tops. She usually wears a bra when she goes out but not when she's home. "Men always ask me if my breasts are real," Casey says. "Yes, they are." Casey's hobbies are going out dancing, shopping and spending time with friends. She enjoys driving and says she's good behind the wheel. She's not a sports fan, doesn't work-out and is a full-time model in Germany. Casey enjoys bondage, usually masturbates with her fingers and her big sexual fantasy is to have zero-gravity sex in outer space.
Featuring: Casey Deluxe
Date: August 14th, 2014
Duration: 50

Member Comments

3 years ago 
casey is a lovely woman
3 years ago 
Germany and Poland; two of the greatest countries for women!! Casey is INCREDIBLE! Tits and legs crafted with German perfection. Don't stop with her!
3 years ago 
Wow! Natural, Beautiful!
3 years ago 
Very, very nice. I really like Casey's look. Excellent find, Score!!
3 years ago 
Wow! I could get lost in her on a snowy winter's month secluded in a cabin. Ol' Johnson would be sore for some time.
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