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In The Tub

Much adored around these parts. Carrie is heading into her final year at the University of Florida and from what she's been telling our enraptured editor, after graduation she'll be finished with posing at the ripe age of 22. Which saddens us, of course. Since December of '97, Carrie has posed for us and only us (quite a few other photographers have tried to shoot her), and our Voluptuous fees have helped to knock off some of her tuition. We'll find other models, sure, but no one could ever replace her. She's truly one of a kind. When they made Carrie Lynn, the mold exploded. In her latest, we have the delight of seeing her get all rub-a-dub-dubby clean in her tub. She has a serious look on her face, like hey guys, I like you and all that, but I'm trying to take a bath here. All kidding aside, the Carrie Lynn face and body is irreplaceable and we'll be hard pressed to sleep well for a long time once she officially caps her career.
Featuring: Carrie Lynn
Duration: 20
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