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Carrie's Little Pink Teddy

We were just about fully recovered from Carrie's cock inflating bra and lingerie pictorial in the December 99 Voluptuous when SCORE lensman Peter Wall hit us between the eyes with this new set. There is no rest for the weary. Carrie's a student at the University of Florida, Gainesville and we like to tearfully congratulate ourselves around here as having helped finance her college tutition since she first destroyed us with her debut in the December 97 edition of SCORE. It's a good feeling to aid the youth of America, as long as they're beautiful girls with wonderful boobs. That lusciously ripe body. Those incredibly full, all-real, unblemished tits! That orange juice and sunshine face! Why we're nearly ashamed of ourselves to compulsively write prurient, unchaste words about her. We said nearly ashamed. The fact is that 22 year-old Carrie Lynn has given us a steel boner since we first saw her, and whoever is slipping her the beef jerky in our boobette's private life is indeed a fortunate guy. She's done only one video for us, a little R-rated number called Carrie Lynn & Heather Michaels, with each girl intent on teasing the load out of the viewer. Will she ever make another? We pray so.
Featuring: Carrie Lynn
Duration: 20
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