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Interview With Carrie Ashton

Featuring: Carrie Ashton
Date: April 2nd, 2010
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The Carrie Ashton Interview Originally published in April '10 Voluptuous Interview conducted by Maria Guerrero We have a saying here at V-Mag headquarters when we come across a newcomer that we think is going to become a fan favorite right away and that saying is, "Prepare to fall in love!" Well, the minute we saw 23-year-old Carrie Ashton in the studio, we knew that it was love at first sight. This brunette stunner came to us by way of Kansas City and she possessed a sensuality that drew everyone in our studio to her. When we first sat down to interview her, we thought that this tattooed, pierced siren was going to blow us away with smoldering tales of her sexual conquests. But what happened was quite the opposite. She turned out to be a nice girl. In fact, we were blown away by how nervous and shy she was despite the fact that she came across as such a confident vixen in her first photo shoots of the day. Carrie is that perfect cliche: A sweet, shy girl from a small town. And although Carrie is a soft-spoken young lady, we are convinced that she will melt your heart with her hot body and her incredible rack. We think that Carrie is the perfect girl-next-door; sweet, funny and built like a brick house and we would like to move in to her neighborhood as soon as possible! So without further ado, we would like to say, V-Mag readers, prepare to fall in love with this lovely lady and her E-cup perkies! Carrie is destined for greatness. V-MAG: Hi, Carrie! Welcome to Voluptuous and thanks for sitting with us today.

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