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Beach Baby

Featuring: Candy Manson
Date: August 27th, 2012
Photos: 40
Candy Manson hits the beach and even on a deserted section of surf, there was always someone appearing to gawk away. Girls like this are magnets. In the last shot, the photographer hit the deck to shoot up and capture Candy opening her lips and showing her pussy jewelry which she talked about. "I think my pussy is pretty, and this makes it look prettier. I don't think it does too much sexually, though. A little bit, maybe. I know a lot of girls say, 'Oh, my God! I have orgasms when I walk.' That's not true, at least for me, unfortunately. I'd love to walk down the street and just cum, although I guess that could get a little distracting. I mean, when a guy licks it, it feels good, but not as good as when he licks my clit, and I guess it helps the guy figure out where he should go. I mostly got it because of how nice it looks.".

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