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Interview with Candy Mason

Featuring: Candy Manson
Date: October 1st, 2006
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Conducted by Dave Rosenbaum, editor Originally Published in October '06 SCORE Candy Manson hopped off of a bicycle and into our lives. In the April '06 issue of SCORE, this cute, bubbly dancer from a suburb of Chicago, Illinois rode a bike, spread out a blanket, took off her short shorts and skimpy, white top and showed off her DD-cup tits and sexy-as-hell 40-24-33 body. We're not going to say that we immediately fell in love with her. Not exactly. But we immediately wanted to fuck her. Candy is just that kind of girl, and she knows it. "My favorite position is anything, as long as I'm fucking," Candy told us. "I love to fuck. I dress to show off my tits and ass because I want guys to come up to me and tell me how much they want to fuck me." Okay, so she loves to fuck. She also loves to shop and travel, although giving the choice between fucking and shopping, "I'd pick fucking every time," she said.

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