Big Boob Photos » July 2003 Score -blue Jean Shorts

July 2003 Score -blue Jean Shorts

Cut-off shorts that show most of the ass. Halter tops that threaten to pop a boob out at any moment. High-heeled fuck-me shoes. Newcomer Candy Hall looks good that way, doesn't she? Foo-foo evening gowns, necklaces that weigh 50 pounds and earrings as big as chandeliers are outdated. Candy's a 22-year-old modern girl, and she dresses to show her stuff. She was found by the same SCORE photographer who discovered Alexia, our Dancer-Next-Door in April '02 SCORE. Candy's a Florida chick who's dancing at a few of the 50,000 dance joints that saturate the Southern Florida beltway area. Do that many guys get lapdances every fuckin' night to support them all? In this shitty economy? Unbelievable. But Candy doesn't want to be a dancer for too long. She doesn't want to sit on the damp, clammy, wood-sprouting laps of strange, sleazy men, some of whom work for SCORE Magazine.
Featuring: Candy Hall
Duration: 30

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3 years ago 
Candy Hall is very hot and sexy!
3 years ago 
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