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Candice On The Couch

Candice lapdances at Cheetah's 3 in Pompano Beach, Florida, about an hour's drive from SCORE HQ. And guess who her buddy at Cheetah's is? Why, none other than huge-breasted Cindy Cupps, a much drooled over model here. (Figuratively speaking, of course, although the customers at Cheetah's probably drool for real as they're getting dry-humped in the Very Intoxicated Persons' lounge.) Reason enough for those of you vacationing in the South Florida area to visit these two and get your pants pressed. We are tempted to drive over to the joint and get a double friction lapdance from both right now, but deadlines loom. So some other guy will have to take our place. Dem's da breaks. .
Featuring: Candice
Duration: 30

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2 years ago 
awesome woman
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