Big Boob Photos » August 2003 Voluptuous

August 2003 Voluptuous

V-mag: What brands of bras do you buy? Cali: Victoria's Secret, Impressions and Frederick's of Hollywood. V-mag: What style of bras do you like? Cali: Push-ups and full cups. V-mag: Where do your bras wear out the most? Cali: The straps due to the weight. V-mag: What styles are good for you? Cali: The larger straps. V-mag: What styles are bad for you? Cali: Smaller straps, though I tend to buy those for looks, plus all my lil' tops have little straps. V-mag: How much do you usually pay for a bra? Cali: About $50 to $60, depending on the store and style. V-mag: When did your breasts first begin to develop? Cali: When I was 11. V-mag: What is the most sensitive area of your boobs? Cali: The nipples. V-mag: When you are out, do you dress to emphasize your chest? Cali: Yes, I show as much cleavage as I can without getting arrested. V-mag: What's your favorite way to satisfy a guy in bed? Cali: Blow jobs.
Featuring: Cali
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