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Bunny Is A Honey

An exotic dancer from California, green-eyed Bunny De La Cruz loves showing off those jumbos to men of all ages, races and nationalities and getting their drooling attention in return. For fun, Bunny likes to go to amusement parks, swim and read. "I masturbate all the time with my hand, a bullet, a vibrating penis, a glass penis and occasionally with someone watching me," Bunny says. "I love having orgasms..they get me ready for the day or ready to sleep better!" Bunny's danced at the Paradise Theater in City of Industry and King Henry's and says she likes to try different clubs for the variety. Like a lot of big-breasted girls, Bunny faced boob prejudice from catty girls as she grew up and often got warnings from school administrators about her too-skimpy clothes. As you know by now, Bunny shaves her pussy. "It's cleaner and better looking," Bunny says. "And since I have a tattoo down there, hair would get in the way." Now about that eye-catching took three visits at 40 minutes to an hour to get it done. That's dedication!
Featuring: Bunny De La Cruz
Date: June 3rd, 2008
Duration: 65
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