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Holiday 2000 Score: Boob Cruise

Brittany was one of the first girls invited to be a part of the 'New Look' of the Boob Cruise cast. A SCORE reader favorite since her January 2000 cover debut, she was right up on the list of Fantasy Vacation virgins. A sizzling video sex star (Bosom Buddies #2, SCORE Xtra #3) and a saucy Leg Sex magazine model, Brittany proved to be another wonderful choice for a windblown sail mate. Brittany dove head first into the earthy, salty action right from the beginning. A Cruiser's lucky charm, she was everywhere, from the passenger shoots to the dance shows to mixing it up with everyone during party hours. It seemed at times as if she had several doubles on board. How could she be everywhere? Call her a nonstop battery of never flagging energy, a little pixie of a powerhouse. Miss Love proved equally adept at her duties as one of the BC 2000 video and DVD hostesses, just one of the many talents she displayed on the ship and on the islands. Even her stage show was 200 proof. The passengers who drank the booze that ran off her beautiful, busty body will testify to that.
Featuring: Brittany Love
Duration: 25
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