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Bre With Her Power Tools

This Georgia peach might like her clothes to be skimpy but her wardrobe is anything but. Bre owns an impressive bra collection, and has at least 40 different styles and colors. Where most Voluptuous gals have difficulty finding bras that can stand up to the test, Bre can open her own outlet. "I'll buy anything that fits," Bre told us. "I think the reason I have so many is that I don't wear them out like some girls. If I don't absolutely have to, I don't wear a bra at all." The blue-eyed young student is a born-and-bred Atlanta girl who loves to play softball and tennis. Unfortunately, Bre didn't have any pics of herself wearing a short white skirt and blouse. "I don't wear a skirt to play. Just shorts and a T-shirt. Occasionally, I slip out of my bra when I'm playing.
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