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April 2005 Score

This month, Brandy is a per-per-blow college girl who makes a sleazy motel her main place for turning tricks like Bixel. Bixel trolls the neighborhood in the SUV he's two months behind on. It was his good fortune that he would come across the voluptuously stacked Brandy (the cause of many fender-benders in the area she patrols), her body poured into tight-fitting, eye-popping hookerware. Between snaps of her bubble gum, she tells Matt what a nice girl like her is doing in a place like this. "I used to give it away like a cheerleader at a drive-in," she tells Bixel as he gets to hot-tubbing it in the exclusive Persian room. "But I think I'm worth a lot more than freebies in the back seat with dumb-ass jocks." He can't disagree with that, as he's about to exchange his paycheck for one sweet hour of blissful nirvana in knockersville and get his first bath in a week as well. .
Featuring: Brandy Talore
Duration: 55
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