Big Boob Photos » September 2003 Voluptuous

September 2003 Voluptuous

V-mag: So you had seen V-Mag before? Brandy: Yes. V-mag: How did you happen to see it? Brandy: In an adult bookstore. V-mag: You went to an adult bookstore by yourself? Brandy: No, with my friends. V-mag: The minute you walked in, they stopped looking at the magazines and started looking at you, right? Brandy: That's right. Adult bookstores in Ohio are full of truck drivers, and they all looked at me. V-mag: How were the truck drivers reacting to you? Brandy: They were staring at us. Like we'd be in one aisle, and they'd follow us. Then we'd go into another aisle, and they'd follow us into that aisle. We'd move, then they'd move. It kinda went like that for a while.
Featuring: Brandy Talore
Duration: 30
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