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June 2003 Voluptuous

For Brandy's V-Mag debut, the editors and the studio team thought a shot-on-seamless set would be the best introduction. This way, everyone could dwell on Brandy's erection-producing body without the distraction of any knickknacks, doodads or bric-a-bracs in the background. The logic is impeccable and flawless. But until they invent a print magazine with a built-in video screen (as seen in the movie Minority Report), SCORELAND members have the edge over magazine readers with the web's multi-mediatronic power. If you're new and haven't seen Brandy's award-winning video interview and bra show in Voluptuous Theater, you're only hurting yourself. What award did her interview win? The SCORELAND Jack-Nap Award. "Front-loader," says Brandy during the bra try modeling, referring to our term for front-hooking brassieres. "A guy invented that name." That's right, Brandy. Men also invented the Jack Nap. You will learn that Brandy does not like the words rack, boobs, tits, etc.
Featuring: Brandy Talore
Duration: 30
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